About Us

Outta Control Kuztomz was created after years and years of soul searching on what it is exactly I want to do with the creative side I've always had, but did not know how to showcase. 


My story of being a creative goes way back to my childhood. The second oldest of five, I was always creating ways to keep myself entertained from making up dance routines to remixing current songs on the radio, creating new hairstyles, writing, taking different ingredients making up recipes, and literally anything to keep life interesting. Well, as I got older, I also wanted to create different ways to make money and I wanted my own business so that I would not have to depend on my job for financial security.

So when the trend of t-shirts with phrases on them came about, I knew creatively that this was something I could blossom with. There were not a lot of products out there with images that looked like me, so I believed I could start there and expand my brand and audience. I started with a Cricut machine that I let sit in a corner in the box for about three or four months because like most, I was intimidated by actually taking that first step to simply start. Once I opened the box, I never looked back. It was hours and hours of sleepless nights, watching video after video, and so much trial and error trying to teach myself how to craft. I joined a lot of Facebook crafting groups, and started networking with other crafters learning and building business relationships. 

Outta Control Kuztomz, also known as OCKUZTOMZ across all social media platforms, specializes in creating custom designs for products such as apparel, drinkware, purses, bags, totes, shoes, notebooks, office supplies, and more. Some of my handmade products consist of items made with HTV, permanent vinyl, sublimation, heat transfer paper, and resin art such as my custom made dominoes. I create designs and also accept orders for personalized designs for products as well. Outta Control Kuztomz is known for taking your vision for a design and putting it on to a product for you to enjoy. 


Outta Control Kuztomz mission is to take your vision for a design and put it onto a product for you to enjoy. The part that makes me the most proud is the customer’s satisfaction.

What sets Outta Control Kuztomz apart from others is that I am not just looking to create a product for revenue. I actually want to give you all an experience of having something uniquely made for you that you can enjoy long after you have made the purchase. I want you to look back at your shopping experience and feel good about the decision you made to where you will shop again, and tell a friend.

 I hope you enjoy my shop and please let me know if you need anything that you do not see here. 

You can always contact me at ockuztomz@gmail.com.

Deep In Prayer: Prayer Journal For Women

Embark on a journey of spiritual growth and self-discovery with "Deep In Prayer," a beautifully crafted prayer journal designed to uplift and inspire women of all walks of life. With its elegant hardcover and convenient 6 x 9 size, this journal is the perfect companion for your daily devotions and heartfelt reflections.

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Christmas Themed Book Games for Kids

Ages 4-8 Christmas Themed Puzzle Activity Book with Connect-the-Dots, Word Search, Mazes, Coloring Pages, and more!

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My Dreams and Me Dream Journal

Keep this journal right next to your bed so you can jot down every detail of your dreams so that you can try to understand them more, and understand yourself more by making connections with your conscious and subconscious mind.

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Thanksgiving Activity BookFor Kids

Having trouble finding free time because your kids want to be entertained? Kids will spend hours playing these activity games such as, Word Search, Mazes, and Sudoku. Also, there's pages for your child to cut out, color, and connect the dots! Kids will enjoy celebrating their Thanksgiving holiday with this awesome Thanksgiving activity book! This book has the cutest illustrations of pumpkins, fall leaves, turkeys, and more!

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Fall and Thanksgiving Coloring Book

Coloring Pages of Turkeys, Pumpkins, Pilgrims, Animals, and more for Kids Ages 2-10 to enjoy!

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Tracker Queen: A Tracker for Bills, Debts, and Passwords

Take control of your finances and streamline your life with "Tracker Queen," your ultimate companion for managing bills, debts, and passwords with ease and efficiency. This indispensable tracker book is meticulously designed to help you stay organized and empowered on your journey to financial freedom and digital security.

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Geometry Coloring Book

Fantastic Geometric Patterns created for people who are looking for a coloring experience like never before, filled to the brim with an amazing collection of geometrical designs you are sure to have an absolute blast!

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Meditation Journal: A Journey With You and The Universe

Empower yourself on a journey to inner peace with our beautifully crafted meditation journal, specially designed for women of color. Available in different cover variables.

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Butterfly Coloring Book

Color - Fantastic Designs with Flowers and Butterflies to Color and Relax. Dive into an extraordinary collection of pages adorned with mesmerizing butterfly designs intertwined with delicate flowers, promising you an absolute blast!

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Flower Patterns Coloring Book

Our brand new 'Flower Patterns Coloring Book' has been created for people who are looking for a coloring book like never before, filled with fantastic and relaxing designs you are sure to have an absolute blast with this book!

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